Gran Turismo 6 DO NOT USE 20.000.000 MONEY GLITCH if you're on 1.02 READ THIS

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EDIT\: If your GT6 is version 1.01? you can do the glitch once more, but when downloading the gamedata again, you're going to update to 1.02, after you save, you're done with the glitch. Gran Turismo 6 DO NOT TRY THE MONEY GLITCH, read this!! yes there was a money glitch. Yes i was stupid enough to try it, call me a cheat, i earned it. This was the glitch: You removed the game data You started up the game without internet, but did not install any updates, the game was 1.00, you sold the mercedes AMG VGT (seen as 2055, not a carname) You sold it for 333 million credits. blah blah blah DO NOT DO THAT , patch 1.02 erased the glitch. You get troubles you don't want!! I lost all my pictures,replays,ghost drivers etc. i had to input the car codes again(lucky they got accepted again) Somehow, the patch makes a backup from the savegame No it is not the backup file in the savegame help program of your Playstation It writes it in your playstation somewhere, or it saves it in your online GT6 account, i think the second option. Why do i think that? The save game is 163KB, but when you save in the game, it takes 10 seconds wich is quit long, for a few KB In GT5 i got 1558KB so 1,5MB. Whatever you think , the game puts back the savegame that is connected to the 1.02 patch, so forget the 20.000.000 credits, buy them or win them. Hope this warning is a lesson. Tags. gt6 money glitch patched, Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 6, Gran Turismo gameplay, Gran Turismo 6 gameplay, Gran Turismo playstation 3, Gran Turismo 6 playstation 3, Gran Turismo PS3, Gran Turismo 6 PS3, GT6, GT6 gameplay, GT6 playstation 3, Playstation, Playstation 3, Playstation 3 computer, PS3, Gameplay, videogame