[RS07 #2] Orion Client Review! Better than SwiftKit? ( Pk Video this week! )

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-------------------------------------------------------- NOTE : One Orion feature (Auto Completion) is not included in this video, I apologize and did not know about the feature at the time of making the video. This feature Scans in-game names of other players when right clicking them and remembers their name if you attempt to search for them on the High Scores! Example - You Right-Click a player named "OwndUrMom69" You then Type the letter "O" into the High Scores and "OwndUrMom69" will automatically appear as an option. -------------------------------------------------------- The Second of a new Series, I hope you guys Enjoy! Many thanks to the current RuneScape 2007 video makers who have inspired me and continue to make the community thrive! First RuneScape 2007 Edge PK Video very soon, Stay tuned! Keep on Ratin' 'n' I'll Keep on Makin' :) - Smally Song : Little Oranges - B Complex Orion Client Download - http://rsbuddy.com/community/topic/2945-download-orion/ -Copyright- The content in this video is copyrighted by Jagex Ltd and reproduced with their permission. "Jagex" and "RuneScape" are registered trademarks of Jagex Ltd. You may access the official RuneScape website here: www.runescape.c­om Thanks for reading, thanks for watching. http://www.youtube.com/smally280